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Energetic Tune-Up

We offer this limited special from time to time, no more than once a month, and limited to 20 people. I can confidently say, life will not be the same after a session. I've experienced it and witnessed it first hand with my clients. Things change for the better after a Tune-Up because we've raised your vibration even more. To get started, choose an option below.

Special Price Transparency: Each individual session is only $50 and the bundle is $140


At the end of the session, you will be given the opportunity to decide if you would like to continue working together. If so, we'll discuss what that looks like. No pressure there of course, what's most important is your experience during and afterwards. 

Image by Fuu J

Neuroemotional Detox

You know you could benefit from a Neuroemotional Detox if you need the only form of energy releasing that address:

* Unexplained Emotional Triggers
* Persistent Tiredness
* Breaks repeated cycles
* Non-traumatic way of releasing old emotional wounds/trauma

* Want to be in a better head space more often than not

Image by Kasya Shahovskaya

Energetic Tune-Up Bundle

This 90-Minute sessions combines all 3 services to create a holistic approach to your energy cleansing, healing, raising journey.

* Experience more inner peace
* Better relationships (with yourself, food, and other people)
* Manifest things more easily

* Better sleep

* Less stress/anxiety

* Release self doubt/sabotage

Image by Katherine Hanlon

Energetic Alignment

You know you could benefit from an Energetic Alignment if you need to raise your vibration so that you align your subconscious energy with your conscious energy. 

* Stop self-sabotage, get out of your own way
* Enjoy a better relationship with yourself, better confidence
* Achieve goals
* Set and stick to boundaries

Image by Jason Briscoe

Energetic Health Tune-Up

You know you could benefit from an Energetic Health Tune-Up if you:

* You're experiencing aches and pains
* Persistent Tiredness
* Experiencing challenges with your weight
* Struggle with maintaining a life-supporting diet.

* You want to improve your relationship with food
* Inspire people in your family to eat better

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